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Cherry Season is Mid May to Mid June!
The Harvest End Tour II
Coming soon
The Harvest End Tour II
Coming soon

The Harvest End Tour II


Mother Nature rules and she tells us when harvest ends. This tour is reserved for the final days of cherry picking season. Join, James Chinchiolo, the fourth-generation farmer behind Lodi Blooms, as he personally leads you on a 60-minute tour of his family’s orchard. Learn key insights about everything that goes into farming great cherries – from planting to harvest. Pick the last of the cherries of the season as you get the insider's perspective on how Blooms cherries go from our farm to your table. The first pound of cherries is included with the cost of each ticket. Children 3 and under are free.

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Why Chinchiolo Farming Co., Inc?

Committed To Sustainability

It just makes sense -

The more sustainable our operation becomes the higher we see our profitability rise. We commit to the least amount of pesticides possible, incorporating beneficicial insect and plants thereby leveraging natural ecosystems and package all our products in ecofriendly packaging.

What do our customers say about us?

I ordered four pounds online. The very next day, the cherries arrived and I literally had to stop myself from eating the entire basket. Wow! These cherries are amazing. Can't wait for next year. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

June, 2020

Oh my goodness! I never knew cherries could taste so good. The world should know how cherries are meant to taste. Never buying from the grocery store again!

June 2020

Holy smokes, Batman! How are these cherries so magical?? I am ruined and will now never buy cherries elsewhere again!

May 2020

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