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The Farmers

Four Generations of Farming History
James Joseph Chinchiolo immigrated from Palermo, Italy to the East Coast, settling in in Massachusetts in 1912 as a fruit dealer. By 1918, he had founded The Chinchiolo Fruit Company with his brothers and set forth the path for future generations of Chinchiolos. Well before the Great Depression, The Chinchiolo Fruit Company, had begun growing grapes, figs, celery, pears, and cherries establishing the family's roots in farming and agriculture. James Joseph Chinchiolo - Portrait
Second generation farmer, 
Francis James Chinchiolo, assumed ownership of The Chinchiolo Fruit Company in 1947 and continued the work that his father had started.
James Francis Chinchiolo - Portrait
Third generation farmer, Thomas Patrick Chinchiolo, began his career in farming in 1980 when he joined his father at The Chinchiolo Fruit Company. By this time walnut farming was also underway for the Chinchiolos. In 1990 Tom was made co-owner of The Chinchiolo Fruit Company.
Thomas Partrick Chinchiolo
Fourth generation farmer, James Patrick Chinchiolo started working in farming at a very young age and eventually took responsibility for the family farming operations in 2017. In 2019, James purchased the cherry orchard now named Lodi Blooms.