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Cherry U-Pick

Lodi Blooms

U-Pick I Pick We all Pick for U-Pick

Lodi Blooms

A Unique and Family-Friendly Orchard Experience

Farm-to-Table Essence: Witness the true journey of our produce, from the orchard to your hands.

Multiple Options: Enjoy our variety of convenient ways to savor the best of our orchard.

U-Pick Cherry Adventure

Interactive Cherry Picking: Join us in the orchard with our family-friendly u-pick option.

Fresh and Flavorful: Handpick deliciously sweet, plump, and firm cherries directly from our trees.

Cherry Picking Season - Mid-May to Mid-June

Seasonal Orchard Access: Visit us from mid-May to mid-June for an open orchard experience.

Create Lasting Memories: Spend quality time outdoors with your family, making great memories.

You Decide the Quantity: Pick as many cherries as you like – the choice is yours.

Fair Pricing: Cherries are sold per pound, ensuring you pay only for what you pick.

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