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Lodi Blooms Open Mid May to Mid June!
Lodi, CA 19ยฐF

Lodi Blooms

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Another excellent way to enjoy Lodi Blooms in person is by booking a guided tour with us - pick cherries while learning all about them, too! Take a walk through the orchard with our resident expert farmer, James Chinchiolo, and discover how cherries go from our farm to your table!

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All Tours

Lodi Blooms Location

Lodi Blooms Location

11560 North Lower Sacramento Rd,
Lodi, CA 95242

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When driving to Lodi Blooms please be neighborly and keep speeds reasonable, especially if you are traveling down Mettler Road. If you are coming in from out of town please consider visiting nearby Lodi which boosts numerous delicious restaurants, wine tasting venues, and breweries.

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