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Premium Inshell California Walnuts

Linden California Grown: Walnut Nirvana

2023 Harvest
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James MacDonald (Raleigh, US)
Great Walnuts

Shells crack open easily and the Walnuts have a great flavor. Overall excellent quality

Kivanc Mihcak (Chicago, US)
Excellent Walnuts

Our walnuts came on time and every single one we tried so far was delicious. They are new harvest and fresh; once you try, you get to see the difference between “proper” walnuts and store walnuts.

Julie Davis (Arroyo Grande, US)
Top quality Walnuts!

My Mom had an uncle who had walnut trees. When I was a kid (many MANY years ago), we would go to the orchards and get to pick up walnuts and stuff them into big gunny sacks and then get paid $3 a bag for it. That was money that we used for Christmas. The reason I tell this story is that by getting exposure to fresh picked walnuts, we knew what a walnut was supposed to taste like - not the slightly stale and sometimes rancid excuses for walnuts that one gets in the grocery store. The walnuts that I purchased from Chinchiolo Farming are the real deal and bring back memories of the fresh walnuts from many years past. I purchased the walnuts in the shell. They don't come any fresher than that, unless perhaps you were at the farm and picked them yourself. Thank you for the excellent quality walnuts. And by the way, the gunny sack that these came in is such a nice touch!

Glenda Muto (Santa Maria, US)

One of the best walnuts, fresh and easy to crack, I will continue to purchase from you, thank you

Theresa Joseph (Rochester, US)
The best walnuts I've every tasted

I have been buying inshell walnuts for many years and none have been as good as Chinchiolo's walnuts!! I just found out about Chinchiolo farm. They have extremely fresh walnuts that are large, easily shelled and delicious. Highly recommended!!

Premium Inshell California Walnuts


Discover the taste of premium quality with our California walnuts, harvested right from the heart of California. Celebrated as one of the healthiest nuts, these walnuts promise not just taste but a plethora of health benefits. Whether you're a fan of oven roasted walnuts, toasted walnuts caramel walnuts, or even candied walnuts, our walnuts offer an unmatched foundation.

Our walnuts are a testament to quality, ensuring you never come across rancid walnuts. In fact, they are so fresh, some consider them white walnuts. They're not just a treat to your taste buds but also a protein-packed food, making them an ideal choice for keto enthusiasts. Yes, our walnuts are keto friendly, emphasizing their place among the most nutritious nuts. But there's more! For those who love the experience of cracking their nuts, our cracked walnuts provide the perfect crunchy escapade.

Champion your health journey with walnuts that don't just satiate but also fortify. Experience the best of walnuts health benefits with our pristine collection at Chinchiolo Farming California Walnuts Collection. Dive into nature's best, dive into Chinchiolo Farming.