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Bing Cherries

Likely one of the most recognizable names in cherry varietals, the Bing cherry, with its distinctive shape, is firm, juicy, and large. The skins often exhibit a dark red to deep burgundy color along with dark purple flesh when ripe. Our Bing cherries are delightfully sweet with flavors that linger on the palate and this preeminent variety is one of the most popular and flavorful of cherries! Order your Bing cherries online today!

Proudly grown by Lodi Blooms

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Purchasing Options

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Orders ship mid-May to mid-June at peak ripeness. Free Shipping to CA, NV, UT, AZ & OR.

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Bing Cherries
Bing Cherries Sale price$65.00


Peak Freshness, Rapid Delivery: The Blooms Cherry Experience

Nestled in the verdant heart of California, Chinchiolo Farming Co., Inc. presents Blooms Cherries, a harmonious blend of tradition and forward-thinking practices that culminate in an unmatched cherry experience. Our esteemed cherry orchards, a beacon of sustainable and eco-friendly cherry farming, ensures that each delectable variety, from the vibrant white rainier cherries to the succulent sweet cherries, is delivered directly to your doorstep within 48 hours of harvest. This commitment to speed not only preserves the freshness and nutritional value inherent in our cherries but also underscores our dedication to providing a farm-fresh experience that is both luxurious and environmentally conscious.

Discover Our Hand-Picked, Hydrocooled, and Eco-Packaged Cherries, Delivered Directly to You

In our pursuit of excellence, we embrace a holistic approach to cherry cultivation and delivery. Every cherry is hand-picked at the moment of peak ripeness, reflecting our preference for natural perfection over market timing. This practice guarantees the best in flavor and health benefits, catering to needs from diabetes management to nutritious snacking during pregnancy. After harvest, our cherries undergo hydrocooling, a process that swiftly removes field heat, thereby locking in the cherries' crisp texture and extending their shelf life. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the orchard with hand-sorting practices that ensure only the finest cherries are selected for delivery.

Peak Freshness, Rapid Delivery: The Blooms Cherry Experience

Elevating our eco-friendly ethos, Blooms Cherries are shipped with meticulous care for the environment. Utilizing biodegradable insulation and reusable ice bricks, we ensure that each package arrives in perfect condition while minimizing our carbon footprint. The cherries themselves are nestled in recyclable clamshells, offering a sustainable packaging solution that aligns with our dedication to the planet. These thoughtful shipping practices, combined with our sustainable cherry farming methods, not only deliver freshness and flavor but also embody our commitment to environmental stewardship. With Blooms Cherries by Chinchiolo Farming Co., Inc., you're indulging in the pinnacle of cherry perfection, direct from our orchards to your table, with the added satisfaction of supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dagna Hickman (Pittsburg, US)
I ordered my first box this year and they were awesome.

I got the chefs choice and it was awesome 👏🏼. I was to late for the bing cherries so I hope this year I’m able to secure my box of bing cherries.

Jeanine D’Errico (Las Vegas, US)
The Bing Cherries were Amazing!

I truly enjoyed the Bing cherries that I received from Chinchiolo Farming Co. I have never purchased cherries directly from the grower and am so glad that I tried it - can't wait for next year!

debra chan (Pacifica, US)
Bing cherries are devine!

This is the first time I ordered cherries 🍒 instead of buying at the store! I was getting impatient waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing! So worth the wait, plump firm and sweet , so delicious ! I definitely will order again next year! The packaging was really well done and in spite of ice packs not being cold anymore everything was so fresh!

Tamara Clark (Stockton, US)

The best cherries by far! Big and juicy!

Paul Coleman (Fountain Hills, US)
great cherries

Cherries were received in great shape and were uniformly outstanding. Far better than what could be found at the supermarket.