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California Walnuts

Orchard To Doorstep Walnuts

2023 Harvest Shipping Now!

Order Deadline December 17th, 2023

We accept walnut pre-orders from September 1st and ship for optimal freshness from early November to the week before Christmas.

2023 HarvestPremium Shelled California WalnutsPremium Shelled California Walnuts
2023 HarvestPremium Inshell California WalnutsPremium Inshell California Walnuts
Green WalnutsGreen Walnuts
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Delighted Customers

We are really happy with the quality of the walnuts! We will be your customer for ever :)

Anonymous - Eugene Oregon

I used to have mixed feelings about walnuts, but my perspective changed completely after trying the fresh Chinchiolo Walnuts. Kudos to you for consistently delivering such quality!

David de Sha - Lodi, California

Experience the Ultimate in Walnut Freshness, Flavor, and Health Benefits

Nostalgia Meets Quality: Orchard-Fresh Walnuts

Immerse yourself in nostalgia with our top-quality, shelled, and in-shell walnuts. Straight from Linden, California's ideal climate, our walnuts offer unmatched freshness, flavor, and health benefits. We ensure that you receive this year's crop, delivering the perfect walnut experience.

Quality Assurance:
We select the finest walnuts from our premium orchards, guaranteeing their quality and flavor. Say goodbye to rancid walnuts and savor the healthiest nuts on the market.

Nostalgic Flavors and Uses:
From candied to caramelized, our walnuts offer endless culinary possibilities. Whether you're keto-conscious or looking for protein-packed snacks, our walnuts fit your lifestyle.

In-Shell Freshness:
Our in-shell walnuts preserve ultimate freshness, ideal for snacking or recipes. Crack open the best, most nutritious nuts for your enjoyment.

Join the Walnut Revolution:
Rediscover the essence of walnuts – the heart of healthy, delicious living. Elevate your snacking and cooking with our shelled and in-shell walnuts. Taste the difference today!

In-Shell Walnuts Shelled Walnuts

The Walnut Chronicle

Crack open your walnut knowledge.

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Unveiling the Weight of a Single In-Shell Walnut: A Precise Measure

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Chinchiolo's Elegant Walnut Fudge Delight

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Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Walnuts: The Sprouting Revolution

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