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Article: Time to Hunker Down & Some Holiday Shopping Ideas

Time to Hunker Down & Some Holiday Shopping Ideas

Time to Hunker Down & Some Holiday Shopping Ideas

Cherries - At this time of year, our cherry trees are finishing the process of taking up the last of the nutrients from the soil. We've planted our cover crop and are kindly asking mother nature to provide us plenty of cold days and sufficient rain so that the trees can fully rest during the winter. To hold your taste buds until next year we have released our Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. A perfect complement for your holiday cooking.

Olives - Lodi Blooms is expanding into growing Olive Trees for Olive Oil. The industry has been rewarded with a bountiful crop here in California, a relief from a down year in 2018.

Our own olive oil production is a few years away and in anticipation, we have established a relationship with a premier partner to supply our brand with high-quality olive oil and cherry Balsamic Vinegar that meets the quality and flavor I trust for the Lodi Blooms brand. They have specially bottled their delicious Taggiasca variety olive oil. It has fantastic richness, hardly any bitterness, and elegant notes of almonds, pine nuts, and just a touch of spice at the finish. Perfect as a finishing oil for seafood or vegetables, without overpowering their taste.

We look forward to seeing you in the orchard in the spring! - James Chinchiolo, 4th Generation Farmer

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