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Cherry Season is Mid May to Mid June!

The Frost Bit Us - April 2022 Orchard Report

The cherries are turning from straw color to blush.  Sadly, however, the late February frost affected us much more than we estimated last month and we do not have enough cherries to open our Cherry U-Pick this year.  We understand that this may be a big let down for many people in the Northern California area and we are sad to deliver this news to you.  We are already looking forward to 2023!  On the bright side, direct-to-consumer cherries will be available and we will begin pre-selling this Thursday for direct-to-doorstep shipments and local delivery.


Straw and Blush Colored CherriesAll in all, we are sincerely bummed to deliver this news and we hope you take advantage of purchasing our cherries online.  The cherries will be of top quality, the quality and standards you have grown to expect from Blooms Cherries and Chinchiolo Farming Co., Inc.

4th Generation Farmer - James Chinchiolo