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Article: The 2021 Season is Quickly Approaching!

Green Cherries

The 2021 Season is Quickly Approaching!

The Blooms Team is excited to share our first Orchard Report for the 2021 season! We publish the Orchard Report every Wednesday beginning now and going through the end of harvest on our California cherries. Here, you can get timely information regarding our highly popular U-Pick Season (loaded with wholesome fun for the whole family!), our new and interactive Orchard Tours, and all the details about ordering cherries from our website for fresh, direct-to-your-doorstep deliveries!

With this first report, we will start by saying the trees look amazing - green and flourishing! The past Winter provided our cherry trees with ample chill allowing them to rest deeply and wake up ready to produce a beautiful crop of sweet, juicy cherries. Following the chill of winter, we have had ideal weather for bloom - our bees were busy and the weather conditions allowed a prime opportunity for them to pollinate the flowers. Did you know that bees typically forage up to two miles away from their home hive? They are truly amazing little things! Thankfully, these little workers can cover the territory of our cherry orchard and get the job done! In addition to the work done by the bees, the Blooms team then comes in behind them to properly oversee the orchard with proper water management, cover crop maintenance, and nutrients as necessary.

As we always say around here, Mother Nature is the boss but, we expect that our first cherry variety, the delicious Coral Champagne, will be ripe and ready to pick approximately mid-May!

In addition to preparing the Blooms Orchard, over the last couple of months, the Blooms team has been working hard to enhance every part of the customer experience and we invite you to check our new website, We have done a little Spring cleaning and given our site a fresh new look and enhanced the navigation making it even easier for you to get your Blooms cherries, fun merchandise, and book guided tours through our orchard!

We look forward to seeing you at the Blooms Orchard soon!