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Article: Outstanding Season All The Way Around

Outstanding Season All The Way Around

Outstanding Season All The Way Around

Farmer James Chinchiolo here. Growing up my grandfather would share with me that we can expect, on average, 1 in 5 cherry harvests will be successful. Well, 2021 turned out to just that year. Those who came to our U-Pick over the weekend or ordered our cherries through the website may likely agree! Super size, sweetness, and overall superb quality.

We are wrapping up our Coral Champaign picking. Luckily, our iconic Bings are ripening beautifully. In addition, our Tulares are just about at their peak.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will open up our orchard for free admission from 9am to 3pm. I will be conducting our famed 90-minute End of the Season Tour on Saturday and Sunday 9am and 11am times are available. In addition, I will also be conducting our 60 minutes 8am Sunrise Tour on Fri, Sat and Sun. Lastly, we have only 6 spots left for our Sunset Pick and Farmers Table Dinner this Friday. All tour and general admission U-Pick information can be found here -

We look forward to sharing our weekend with you!

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