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Article: THANK YOU! - June 2022 Orchard Report #6

THANK YOU! - June 2022 Orchard Report #6

THANK YOU! - June 2022 Orchard Report #6

I want to pass along a heartfelt thank you to all who purchased cherries this season. We at Blooms Cherries, trust you enjoyed what we grew this season and if you have been following our orchard reports you know this was a challenging year because of a devastating late February frost. I believe farmers are a resilient bunch, however, for us, a near 100% crop failure is tough to muster.

To those that enjoy visiting our Lodi Blooms orchard, we promise we are going to do everything we can to grow and provide the best cherry crop possible for 2023.

Please keep a lookout, because we will be sending out monthly orchard reports up until our next cherry harvest. Within these reports, we will be providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to grow some of the best cherries on the planet.

In addition, we adding a section to this update to highlight what I do when I'm not shipping cherries or opening up our orchard for u-pick. Even though my wife thinks all I do is work, I happen to find some time for fun. 😉


Farmer Life

The highlight of June for me was hiking Thunder Mountain with my two boys Jace (15) and Lucas (17) in the High Sierra Mountain Range. The adventure brought very cold weather and some snow from time to time. I am definitely envious of my boys' youth...!


Thank you!  James Chinchiolo, 4th Generation Farmer.