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Cherry Season is Mid May to Mid June!
Lodi, CA 19°F

About Blooms

At Blooms, we take pride in sharing nature’s best cherries with you!

Blooms is proudly owned and operated by the Chinchiolo Family which has long been a fixture in the agriculturally rich and abundant San Joaquin Valley of California.

From humble beginnings in Italy, the family crossed the Atlantic and planted roots in the United State, first settling in Massachusetts. During the elder Chinchiolo's time on the East Coast, he worked diligently to establish the family as a broker and seller of fruits for export, among the commodities were cherries, grapes, figs, and pears. In addition to exporting the produce, the family saw the beauty in farming the supply and, after a few short years in Massachusetts, moved again to settle in the Central Valley of California known for its excellent farming conditions. With four generations of farming expertise in the heart of California's Central Valley, you could say that the Chinchiolo family knows a thing or two about growing excellent produce.

A pride and joy for the Chinchiolo family is its Blooms operation which offers the highest quality and most premium cherries in the country – in the world of agriculture, this is oftentimes referred to as "export-quality" fruit. Hence, not a far cry from how the family business got its start.

Blooms owns and operates a working cherry orchard in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley.

With 40 planted acres of Bing, Brooks, Coral Champagne, and Tulare varieties, Blooms is home to one of the most perfect cherry-growing regions in California. The Blooms Orchard serves as the main point of supply during California's Spring and early Summer cherry harvest. With perfect growing conditions, rich soil, and the time-tested growing practices backed by four generations of farming expertise, Blooms in Lodi proudly produces some of the most flavorful cherries on the market – large, plump, firm, and juicy.

Blooms mission is to share the abundance of cherry harvests stemming from sound growing practices and is able to offer fresh produce loyal followers year-round.

By carefully vetted partnerships, forged the old-fashioned way using a trusted handshake, the Chinchiolo family as developed relationships with a small handful of reputable family-farming operations in the State of Washington as well as other global regions, such as Chile. Through these partner farming co-ops, Blooms secures quality fruit from partners, even after California's harvest is complete, to ensure that cherries are delivered directly to your doorstep year-round.

Blooms takes pride in masterfully farming and cultivating cherries using knowledge rooted in generations of cherry farming experience. All Blooms cherries are picked at the peak of freshness and taste; carefully packed in temperature-controlled packaging; and shipped directly to your home.

The Blooms Mission

To provide people the opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with modern agriculture.