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The Orchard Experience

At Blooms, cherries are most certainly our specialty! And, eating fresh cherries picked right off the tree...well, that's just the cherry on top! There are several ways for you to enjoy Blooms cherries. Visit our online store here or visit us in the orchard!


Join us at our Lodi Blooms orchard for the wildly popular U-Pick events. From mid-May to mid-June, we open the orchard and invite you to pick all that you want! Bring your family and create great memories by spending quality time outdoors while filling your bag with the most delicious cherries in California! You decide how much you pick! Cherries are $5 per pound. More details about our U-Pick events can be found here.


Another excellent way to enjoy Blooms cherries in person is by booking a guided tour with us - pick cherries while learning all about them, too! Take a walk through the orchard with our resident expert farmer, James Chinchiolo, and discover how cherries go from our farm to your table!


Book a tour today and we'll see you here at Lodi Blooms!

Guided tours and special events in the orchard.

  • Explore the orchard on your own and pick all you can.
  • Sunrise Tours offer early access to our orchard!
  • Be sure to check back for exclusive season-end tours.

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